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Cardigan: Madewell/ Tank: Gap/ Jeans: J Crew/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

When in doubt, choose a fab shoe. The inverse outfit-shoe relationship comes into play here: the more basic the clothing choices, the more bananas a shoe. These heels are actually very comfortable. I ran three blocks in them to get to an Alvin Ailey show on time, but that’s as much a testament to the fact that I need to work on my punctuality as it is to the comfort of the shoe. My best friend says it’s fine as long as I’m in the “15 minute window,” although now that I think about it, she probably said that to make me feel better because I’m perpetually 15 minutes late. Anyhoo, the point is these shoes elevate the outfit and are comfy…and being on time is one of my new year’s resolutions.

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Red star scarf: J Crew/ Plaid scarf: J Crew Men’s/ Shoes: Nina

Add an accessory. Or multiple accessories. In most cases – as in this case – I grab a scarf or two. I like the haphazard, casual look of the scarves paired with the very feminine shoe.

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