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Blazer: Banana Republic/ Shirt and Pants: J Crew/ Shoes: Marc Fisher (via Macy’s)/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

In a conversation about fashion the other day, I said, “There are no rules anymore.” I really believe it’s true! Match your clothes, or clash your clothes. Wear white after Labor Day, or don’t wear white after Labor Day. Stick to the basics, or mix it up. As long as a certain taste level is maintained, whatever a person’s friends, figure, and finances let them get away with, so be it. I’m learning that it’s all about being confident in whatever I’m wearing and having fun with dressing.

Recently, I was picking out some clothes to wear to brunch with some good friends. I knew I wanted to wear this BR blazer because the poor thing had been sitting in my closet with the tags still on for far too long; these pants because I heart them to no end; and these shoes because…well, who needs a reason to wear a superhigh leopard print heel? I added a white button-down – a go-to glue for any outfit – and was out the door with my non-matching, mixed-print, happy camper self. As an aside: After I placed my order at the brunch spot, the waiter said somewhat incredulously, at least to my ear, “A biscuit AND grits?” I smiled and replied, “Yes. I need a biscuit AND grits. Don’t judge.”

What do you think about fashion do’s and don’ts? Is it all about confidence and personal style, or are there some things that really should stay on the runways and in the stores?