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Phyto 9 and Phytodefrisant (available at Sephora)

In addition to basic shampoo/conditioner, I have a fairly short wish list of hair products:

  1. Deep conditioner (found!)
  2. Leave-in conditioner (found!)
  3. Occasional oil treatment (found!)
  4. Straightening balm for when I want to wear my hair straight
  5. Mousse for when I don’t
  6. Moisturizing cream
  7. Light holding spray

Ok, now that I see it in print, maybe it’s not the shortest list, but the good news is I’ve found numbers 4 and 6! Excuse me while I do a little happy two-step.

Back now.

I’ve been using these two products for a few weeks to make sure the wonderful result wasn’t a fluke or due to an improvement in my flat ironing technique…it wasn’t. I’m still pretty unskilled on the flat iron. And the blow dryer. Despite that, this balm and light cream – mixed with a bit of my fave leave-in and applied to towel dried hair – give me shiny, bouncy, super soft hair in between my far-too-few salon visits.