In the April 2012 issue of InStyle magazine, Marc Jacobs, designer and artistic director of Louis Vuitton, was asked his opinion on the concept of a signature style. He said,

“Why should you have a look you stick to? Really — indulge your mood and whims. You don’t leave a rock concert feeling the way you do after you’ve heard a symphony, so why always feel and look the same way? Be open. If you dress to suit your mood – as you should – you don’t need a signature look.”

I’m all for a little whim indulgence and to some extent, I agree. I know I’ve fallen in love with some pieces that at first thought seemed “so not me.” (Tiered skirt and aqua jeans: I’m talking to you.) A bit of fashion risk taking and mixing-it-up can be a great thing. On the other hand, my natural style slants towards all things preppy, and it seems I haven’t met a gray sweater I didn’t like and want to take home.

So, what do you think? Is signature style important, or should mood alone run the show when it comes to dressing?