These days “getting organized” can seem synonymous with “time-consuming” and “expensive.” I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time or money keeping things together, so I try to make it as simple as possible: clear boxes and a label maker*. I use these shoe boxes ($33.80 for 20) from The Container Store in almost every room to organize just about anything and everything. That way I can easily find what I need and keep it movin’. Examples after the jump.

*I have the most basic label maker – I think it was under $20 at Target – and although the fact that it does not have a QWERTY keyboard drives me cray, it gets the job done.

  • To store/protect shoes in the closet. I don’t label these boxes because the starting shoe line-up changes so often.
  • To sort hair care appliances and mani/pedi supplies under the bathroom sink.
  • To keep household tools (i.e. tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, etc.) at hand in the kitchen. The box in this pic is by Sterilite (via Target).