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You know those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, despite having a closet full of clothes? Well, I was having one of those when I was trying to put together an outfit the other day. (I mean really, what did I wear this time last year? Bail wasn’t a line item on the bank statements, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t walk around naked.) Shirts, shorts, shoes, and jeans were all over the place. My hubby walked in and just stood sill, looking around. He didn’t say anything – we’ve been married a long time – but I knew what he was thinking – again, we’ve been married a long time. I casually said, “I’ll pick it all up when I’m done.” Then he asked in all sincerity, “Why don’t you just put each thing back when you’re finished with it?” I replied, “Oh, Honey, it doesn’t work that way.” Of course, after some thought, I realized it actually does work that way. Unless I’m in a hurry…then it’s pretty much every shirt for itself, but that’s neither here nor there… 🙂

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