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My best friend said, “I need a denim jacket. Let me know what you find.” (She’s never been the type to use more words than necessary to convey a point, LOL.) Thus – yes, I said “thus” outside of church and the 1800’s – this new category was born! Thanks, for telling me what to do in no uncertain terms inspiring me, V!

So, if you have any things you need shopped or any questions or dilemmas you’d like addressed – within the scope of the blog, of course – definitely let me know in the comments section or send me an email! Shopping is hard work; somebody’s gotta do it, though, and for the good of mankind, I volunteer! 🙂

I scoured the stores for the perfect denim jacket, limiting my search to the following:

  • Pricepoint under $100: Sure, a person could spend tons more for a jean jacket like this one, but I found some great options for a lot less. Why pay more, right?
  • Availability in-store: I wanted to be able to try on the jacket.
  • Light to medium wash: My friend didn’t want a super dark denim jacket.

One of my favorites was this classic Levi’s trucker jacket, regularly priced $60 – $68 depending upon the store, and on sale for $50 at Macy’s. It’s a perennial classic for a reason: great fit (not too short, long, fitted or boxy), and the sleeve length was the best I’ve found. (This might not be an issue for people who don’t have long go-go-gadget arms like myself.)

Also from Levi’s is this juniors take on the classic denim jacket, $58 regular price and on sale at Macy’s for $45. It’s slightly cropped and fits a little more closely to the body. This might be a good option for someone who won’t be driven crazy by the single-pocket-pleated-low-seam situation going on here.

For a seriously cropped silhouette and a not-so-serious price tag (around $30), this snap button jacket from Wet Seal fits the bill. I tried on my usual size and had trouble breathing…and I could tell my blood pressure from how tightly the sleeves were squeezing my arms. I would suggest sizing up on this one. Cute, though.

This lightly distressed denim jacket from American Eagle ($50) is another of my very favorites. Definite thumbs-up.

This Zara jacket is another basic, affordable option at $60. It’s a little shorter in the back than in the front, and as pictured, the buttons are copper-colored instead of the usual silver.

I’m a firm believer that you can find all kinds of well-priced goodies in the boys’ section (check out this post), so I had to swing by Gap Kids as part of my mission. No surprise: I loved – and bought! – this cute jean jacket for just under $30. It’s the perfect 3/4 sleeve length for warmer weather.

**I also want to add that this Old Navy denim jacket must be some kind of wonderful because they were sold out everywhere. Also, Gap had women’s jean jackets, but just like ON, they were completely sold out and aren’t even available on the website at the time of this posting.