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One of my goals for this past week was to increase my fruit/veggie intake to at least 7 servings a day. It wasn’t difficult, but some days were a little more challenging than others. Here are some things that worked to help me through the hard times (LOL):

I try to keep healthy options on hand and easy to grab and go. So, for example, I chop melons or wash* grapes, and put them in containers when I get home from the grocery store. That way I see what I have as soon as I open the fridge, and it’s a little harder to reach past all that healthy natural goodness to get to some not-so-healthy-goodness further back. Side note: Has anyone else noticed the price of pre-chopped fruit?! It’s bananas (no pun intended), but I guess since time is money, it might be a worthwhile cost sometimes. 

*I dry washed grapes on a dishcloth before storing them so they won’t go bad really fast. We go through some grapes around here; I wouldn’t recommend pre-washing grapes if they’re not going to be eaten within a few days.

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Keeping sliced peppers in the fridge makes them easy and quick to incorporate into meals. I also pre-slice lemon to add to my water bottle. That doesn’t really factor into my daily produce intake, so I guess the lemon bit is technically not relevant to this post. Let’s pretend I didn’t mention it. Moving on.

I love eggs, toast, and green tea for breakfast, and I usually add some type of veggie to the mix, like red/green bell peppers…

…or spinach. If I munch on some fruit while cooking breakfast, I have 2 servings down first thing in the morning! Oh, and don’t let me have a smoothie: I’m really adding it up then 🙂

Check my fave smoothie recipe (and a yummy store-bought alternative) in this post.

This week, I’m adding these 2 to my HLHH goal list:

  • Maintain a skin care regimen. This one is all about consistency. I already have facial products I love and this handy little tool that works wonders when I use it regularly. Now if only it could get itself out the bathroom drawer and into my hand on a daily basis…
  • Give exercising regularly some serious thought. Baby steps 🙂

Are you working on any lifestyle improvements? Have any goals or tips to share? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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