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I hate to waste perfectly good calories on desserts that are just alright. This Talenti Gelato right here is nobody’s just alright. It’s crazy yummy (understatement) and readily available at most grocery stores, which can be a good or bad thing depending on a person’s level of portion control. Prices range from $5 – $7 a pint, but it goes on special pretty often. I found it for $3.50 at SuperTarget a couple weeks ago. Why I didn’t fill my freezer then, I don’t know. Oh, wait. I do know: That whole “portion control” thing isn’t exactly my strong suit (another understatement).

Anyhoo, click through to see more 🙂

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The first ingredient in the Sea Salt Caramel one is…wait for it…CARAMEL! What! And the Double Dark Chocolate flavor has a bit of vermouth in it so it has a mousse-like taste: rich and decadent. I can’t wait to try more flavors, that is, if I can get away from always buying these two faves. It’s serious. I’m rooting for you, Sicilian Pistachio!

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