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One of my goals for this past week was to maintain a skincare regimen, and while I was a little more consistent in this area, I really need to do better. On a positive note: The fact that my skin is already looking a bit better and brighter with the little I’ve done is great motivation to keep up the routine.

Earth Science skincare products and Oil of Olay Complete (sensitive) sunblock

I have dry, sensitive skin, and finding natural products that work well for me and don’t cost a fortune was a challenge. I’ve used this line and this one in the past, and while my skin did fine with them, I always come back to the Earth Science brand. It works just as well as the high dollar brands, and the most expensive product I use – the Apricot Night Cream, which I also use as a daytime moisturizer in the winter – is only about $14. Love this line! I also use Oil of Olay Complete SPF 15 for sensitive skin over my regular moisturizer. Hubby likes to say that his “melanin will protect” him, but I like a little extra sun protection. (He’s so silly.)

So, this week, my goals are an extension of last week’s:

  • Maintain a daily skincare routine, including an at-home facial once/week.
  • Take some active steps toward exercising regularly.

Are you working on any lifestyle improvements? Have any goals or tips to share? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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