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Wide-leg Pleated Pants: Gap (similar here)

These pants are yet another item that has been chilling in my closet for years, never having seen the light of day. (Well, other than in the bag on the way from the store to the car, but that doesn’t really count, does it?) I’d pull them out and try to piece together a look every now and then, but nothing worked out quite right. Yesterday, I’d had it with them, and bitten by the DIY bug, I guess, I lopped off the pant legs to create some shorts.

Check out the “After” after the jump 🙂

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Similar, ready-made pleated shorts here, here, and here/ Shirt: Express Men’s/ Shoes: Juicy Couture (similar)/ Sunnies: Ray-Ban

I simply cut the legs, cuffed the ends, and paired the cutoffs with an oversized white button down. Perfection was definitely not an option here because not only am I not any kind of seamstress, but I also can’t cut a straight line even when a ruler is involved. Needless to say, the ends of these shorts are a jagged, jacked mess. That’s the beauty of the cuff 🙂

This white button down used to by my hubby’s until the dry cleaners shrunk it to a fraction of its former self. I’m not exactly sure how, but I didn’t ask any questions as I moved it over to my side of the closet. Side note: It also makes the best swimsuit cover-up. Now that I think about it, maybe a few more of his shirts need to be “dry cleaned.”

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