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Looky here, looky here! My friends IRL are probably thinking: “I know that’s not a RED lipliner” followed by, “Are you really going to wear it, or is it going to live in your handbag?” Well, yes it is, and yes I am, LOL! Here’s the back story:

The last time I went to MAC was to get a pinkish lipcolor. After about an hour, several pinks I immediately wiped off, one friend yelling, “I’m done! I can’t take this” before going off to shop for her own makeup, and the other friend gently (I mean, padded-wall-the-people-in-the-white-coats-are-coming gently) saying, “Maybe pink isn’t what you really want,” I bought a nude gloss and ran out of there.

So from nude to red is something else, but I think I’m up for it.

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I make time to relax with a cup (or 3) of tea every day, so tea cups are my go-to travel souvenir. My favorite is this one I got from Angelina’s – that hot chocolate…bliss in a cup! – on a trip to Paris a few years ago. Just looking at it reminds me the amazing time my family and I had in the City of Light. Instantly smile-inducing 🙂

I love my Ray-Ban aviators (big surprise considering I wear them in EVERY outfit post), but I am also so smitten with these New Wayfarer sunglasses… ’cause them Bans are GORGEOUS! (Couldn’t have said it better myself, B.o.B.)

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