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Before going to San Francisco, we spent a few days in Sedona, completely blown away by the red rocks and scenery. Every glance in just about any direction seemed like the perfect photo op; nature can be so amazing that way 🙂

We flew into Phoenix, and rented a car* for the 2+ hour drive to Sedona. It was all cacti – one-arm, two-arm, armless…I don’t know much about cacti, but there certainly was variety! – and shades of beige. Then we rounded a corner, and BAM! Huge bright red rocks everywhere. Beautiful!

*The “car rental center” at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is not actually at the airport, but rather miles away. You (and all your luggage) have to take a bus – I’m so not kidding – to and from the center. We thought we had plenty of time to catch our flight, but that extra unexpectedly long wait + ride coupled with the s-l-o-w-e-s-t security line known to man… yep, we were sprinting to the gate. Special thanks to Sky Harbor for helping me add a little more cardio to my vacay 🙂

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