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Polka Dot Sidewalk Skimmers (Madewell)

FLATS! Actual, for real, non-Converse FLATS up in here! (*happy dance*)

My severe need for flats has been well documented (case in point: this post), but I just don’t normally gravitate towards them. Loafers, driving shoes, ballet flats, boat shoes, you-name-it look so stylish on others; I always chicken out when it comes time to buy a pair for myself, though. That is, until now!

I’ve had my eye on these skimmers ever since I peeped them during a shoot for this Spotlight: Madewell post. I mean, DOTS! That alone pulls them into consideration. And when they just happened to go on sale for…wait for it…$30! (WHAT!) in-store, well I knew it was meant to be.

Click through to see the other two things 🙂

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I mentioned before how I think of tea-time as me-time, so my Bodum coffee press, which can be used to brew loose tea as well as coffee, sees some serious use. I love loose orange sencha green tea* – also available in individual tea bags – by Two Leaves and a Bud.

*See this post for another fave.

Green & Black’s Hazelnut & Currant Dark Chocolate Bar

I might be personally responsible for keeping Talenti in business with as much gelato as I eat. (Speaking of which, I polished off my last pint of Double Dark Chocolate last night, so I need to make a grocery store run.) Sometimes, though, a girl needs her chocolate bar, and Green & Black’s does it right! The hazelnut & currant dark is my favorite. Peep the close-up…

That’s what I’m talking about.

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