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“I’m not a photographer, but I play one on my blog.” ūüôā

Before I started Joy and Sunshine, I would never have worn a look like this. A mini and a blazer? Yes. Each of these pieces individually? Definitely. But a yellow ladybug print blazer with a random 70’s mod-ish printed skirt? No, ma’am. All with a black ruffled collar, pleated blouse? Absolutely not. (At this point in the questioning, I’d be looking at you sideways, 2 seconds from attitude.) After all, this is real life, and pairings like that belong somewhere else…right?

One of the things I love, love about writing and expressing myself on this type of platform is not that I “get” to wear what I want, but that it’s helped me to expand the idea of what it is I actually want to wear. The pair-this-not-that box has pretty much been kicked to the curb in favor of a very short checklist: 1) Is the look what I’m going for (i.e. my personal style), 2) Am I comfortable/confident in the look for where I’m wearing it, and 3) Are all the juicy bits covered? (I know I’m not always the most modest dresser – I love my minis and shorties – but I also don’t want to be that girl with her insert-juicy-bit-here hanging all out.)

Are there any boxes you’re stepping out of and away from (fashion-wise or otherwise)? Are you wearing or doing positive things you never thought you could/would? Be an inspiration, and share!

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Blazer: vintage (see it worn other ways here and here)/ Shirt: J Crew

Skirt: J Crew (also here)

Shoes: another Madewell shoe score (on sale now!)

These pics were taken after an unbe-freaking-lievable brunch at Canoe, one of my favorite Atlanta area restaurants. They must specialize in¬†unbe-freaking-lievable food; even the most impossible-to-please person I know loves this place, and if you knew her, you’d know what a HUGE endorsement that is. Also,¬†I actually tried my hand at food photography (bad hand!), but my pics really didn’t do the food justice.

Ducks on the Chattahoochie River behind the restaurant

You can reserve a table to dine in the garden, right next to the river. Beautiful!

Very special thanks to Valerie at justdontbelast for taking my outfit pics! You rock! I really love that first candid shot. 

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