**putting the drumroll on pause for a second**

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered my first giveaway, as well as to those of you who read and support, but didn’t enter. I’ve found passion in blogging and coming up with what I hope are helpful posts for modern girls-on-the-go (today’s SuperWomen!), and I truly appreciate you taking time out your busy day to read Joy and Sunshine 🙂


  • I entered the name of each entrant as well as their method(s) of entry into a chart in the order in which the entry comment(s) was/were posted.
  • Each individual entry was assigned a number based on when the entry comment was posted. For example, the first entry was number 1, and the last was number 24 (see first screen shot below).
  • Then, I used the True Random Number Generator on random.org ONE time to generate the winning number (see second screen shot below).

**resuming drumroll**

SOOOOOO…the winner is… NUMBER 19…better known as Ms. TIHESHA!!!!! Check your email in a few, Ms. Lady 🙂