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Stockholm Magazine Files (The Container Store)

It’s old school, I guess, but I still love books and magazines in print. (*cue hubby saying, “You know print is going away, right?” Hate when he says that.) I like being able to dog-ear pages, share faves with friends, and put them on the shelf for later, hence this long line of magazine files (available in bright and classic colors, and on sale now).

Also, one of my not-so-guilty-because-I-don’t-feel-guilty-about-it pleasures is flipping through a stack of fashion magazines while eating Talenti double dark chocolate and watching ratchet reality tv in bed. Well, I do feel a teensy bit guilty about that last part, but I’m sharing the real, real here ­čÖé

It reminds me of that SATC episode where Carrie and Charlotte were discussing “single behavior,” those habits that they thought their significant others would find insane. If I remember correctly, Carrie’s was standing up in the kitchen eating crackers while reading mags, and Char’s was studying her pores in a huge magnifying mirror for an extended period of time…which miiiiight be a liiiiitle strange, but hey, if that’s someone’s thing….

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One of my all-time fave books – Memory of Love by Aminata Forna, it’s just SO good! – isn’t pictured because it’s on friend loan, but here are three other faves. A couple quick side notes:

  1. Cutting for Stone is a very, very close second to Memory of Love on my list of super-great books.
  2. I’m a big Isabel Allende fan, especially her House of Spirits/Daughter of Fortune/Portrait in Sepia trilogy.

I’m always on the lookout for good books to read. What are some of your faves? Share, please!

Three of my favorite cookbooks

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