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I’m happy to have a pantry in my current kitchen, but these organizational tips could also be employed on a shelf or in an upper or lower kitchen cabinet ūüôā

My Basketball Player (i.e. tall and thin) Pantry

There’s something so I’ve-got-my-life (a la Ms. Tamar…love her, but I digress) about having plenty of what I need kitchen-wise on hand, neatly lined up in the pantry, ready to be used. Maybe I have scarcity issues, which now that I think about it, would explain why I love shopping so much. *Not really, but if anyone asks – and it works – that’s the story I’m going with.*¬†Whatever the case, organizing just makes my inner control freak so happy ūüôā

Disclaimer:¬†I’ve mentioned¬†before¬†that while I want things to be organized, I don’t want the process of getting (or¬†keeping)¬†it that way to be expensive or time-consuming. In keeping with that, my approach to kitchen org is more about placement than buying a whole lot of organization-specific products.

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¬†¬†¬†¬†I like the sort-and-separate method for most housekeeping-type tasks, so I divided my pantry into sections based on how I use my kitchen. For me, that’s extras, general cooking, baking, grains, snacks, and drinks. Someone who barbecues a lot might have a section for that, or families with children might have a spot specifically for kids’ snacks. You get the picture.

EXTRAS: I can’t stand to run out of things I use often, so I try to buy 2 or 3 at time, especially if an item is a good price. On the top shelves, I keep extras of ingredients and staples for dishes I make often, like orange marmalade for orange turkey; ¬†honey for tea, smoothies, and oatmeal; pasta sauce for spinach lasagna and pizzas; etc.

GENERAL COOKING: In this section, I keep salts (I use kosher salt for seasoning meats and regular fine salt for everything else), savory seasonings, vinegars, and extra virgin olive oil.

BAKING: Here, I store baking-related ingredients like vanilla extract, sweet spices, baking powder/soda, yeast packets (for making pizza dough), as well as bag teas and hubby’s coffee beans and grinder.

Side note: Lazy susans, like this one from Ikea (pictured), make pantry org super simple. Just toss items on, and spin to access. I think they could also be useful to store bathroom supplies, art materials, and the like.

GRAINS: Oats (for oatmeal and cookies), sugars, rice (brown and arborio for risotto, recipe coming soon!), and pastas live on one shelf, with cereals, granola bars, and instant oatmeal (for really quick breakfasts) below. I absolutely love these glass screw-top jars for storage.

SNACKS: Snacks and various random items go here. This shelf is the pantry equivalent to the ubiquitous junk drawer ūüôā

DRINKS: We buy sparkling water (tastes great with a little lime added or mixed with juice) and yerba mate (quick coffee alternative) by the case, so extras live here with sports drinks and juices waiting their turn in the fridge.

For smaller spaces, like kitchen cabinets, I like these shelves (also in white) for doubling space. A tiered organizer might also be useful.

So, what do you think of this Kitchen Basics post? Would you like to see more like this? I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future post topics!

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