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Image courtesy of InStyle Magazine (September 2012 issue: page 136); CLICK HERE to see the original blog post from which this pic was taken

O  M  G ! ! ! ! ! 

Post Pause: I recently heard a male on the radio preface a statement with, “OMG.” I know I’m not a teenager, so maybe I need to have my own OMG usage severely restricted, but isn’t it a violation of Man Law for a dude to say, “OMG”? I could be way off base here, so please let me know.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post, already in progress…

A few days ago, a friend sent me a text that my picture is in the “Inspired By InStyle” section of the September issue of InStyle magazine. I freaked out for a bit, of course, but when I actually took my somewhat lazy at times self to the mailbox received my issue in the mail, some serious freak out-ness — freak out-ity? freaking out? yes, that’s it! — some serious freaking out took place!

And do you know the absolute best part?! You can be in InStyle, too! Just send in a picture of yourself wearing or doing something inspired by something you’ve seen the magazine (get it? “Inspired by InStyle”?), and your picture could be selected to be featured 🙂

As always, thank you SO much for reading!

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