I try to keep it positive and sunny here at Joy and Sunshine, but this single sentence that had the nerve to be called a “tip” made me hot mad.

Photo courtesy of Allure Insiders’ Guide to Beauty & Style (Fall 2012, pg 96)

Hub and I were driving back from a trip to the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC (I wanted to document our fun, fun ropes course/zip line adventures there, but snapping pics while clinging to a harness and trying to walk across a piece of wire 20ft in the air was a no-go. I’ll get it next time, though!). My magazine-reading, sit-back-and-leave-the-driving-to-the-hubby moment was interrupted when, amidst some pretty decent beauty info, this TIP. I nearly lost it, launching into a tirade on how utterly impossible it is for women to meet these ever-changing beauty standards. Not only do I have to ask, “Hon, do my jeans make me look fat,” now I need to add, “Does my bikini line make me look fat” to the list?

It’s not just this tip in and of itself. It’s more the principle at work, that here is yet another thing the beauty industry wants women to be self-conscious about, probably to sell more of some product or other. Of course, I had to get hub’s opinion on this matter, and of course he played it cagey, saying “You should do a post about that.” Translation: I’ve been a happily married man too long to let some magazine mess it all up. Whatever his motivation (LOL), I have to admit it was a great suggestion 🙂

What do you think about the standards of beauty for the modern woman? Have you read or heard something that you thought was taking modern beauty standards just a bit too far? Please, weigh in!

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